Day 1

I dropped my phone. 

I dropped my bloody phone.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse and I drop my phone. And yes, it is broken. Well, I say I dropped it…

My mum used to say to my dad, “Don’t kick the dog”. He would always say, “I’m not kicking her, I’m pushing her with my foot”.

So to say I ‘dropped’ it may be stretching the truth. Slightly.

It’s been a long day. Actually it’s been a long 7 and a half months. That’s how long it has been since I got a full night’s sleep! She is wonderful and I love her more than living, but bloody hell it’s exhausting. She is up at least twice a night and I am fast approaching the end of my tether. My poor husband. 

Anyway. Some friends were getting rid of their piano and my husband decided that we needed a piano. It is currently sitting in our very narrow hallway, outside the baby’s bedroom. After I put the baby to bed, my husband thought it would be nice to play the piano. The baby woke up. Of course she woke up.

And then I ‘dropped’ my phone. 

So tomorrow I will go to the phone shop and see what can be done after such a freak accident. Wish me luck.



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